Fuzzy’s Vodka Challenges what a Patriotic Spirit Really Looks Like with the Launch of the American Stallion Cocktail

Picture this, you are sitting at your local bar, beyond ready for happy hour. It was a rough day and you’re in desperate need of a refreshing drink. A cold Moscow Mule has always been your go-to, yet you glance up at the TV hanging low over the bar and a flood of desperation consumes you. There is no way you can order a cocktail that pays notable homage to a forceful, invading country.

Fuzzy's Vodka has provided a rewarding and exciting solution. Announced on March 1st, Fuzzy’s implores fellow Americans to discontinue the Moscow Mule cocktail immediately. Fuzzy’s Vodka, in collaboration with BNMR GLVZ marketing agency, has presented a new Vodka go-to, the American Stallion. Made with the same cold and crisp ingredients we are all so fond of, the American Stallion gives Americans the tang they crave without leaving a sour, subversive after-taste.

Fuzzy’s Vodka is as patriotic as they come. It was launched in 2009 by professional golf icon Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller and is based out of Sellersburg, Indiana. Gaining considerable acclaim, Fuzzy’s is steadily becoming one of America’s prime vodkas. While supporting a keto-friendly diet and maintaining a certified gluten-free status, Fuzzy’s remains remarkably accessible to most. Made from Midwestern-corn, Fuzzy’s is an 80-proof vodka that undergoes distillation and precarious charcoal-filtration many times. Including a precise refinement process in prime oak barrels leaves this American spirit with a fresh and deliciously loyal flavor.

It could seem rather silly to some; how does altering the name of a cocktail help people on the other side of the world? The answer is simple, change always starts small. Refusing to encourage the injustice and devastation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humble step, but one that Americans can make with pride when they order an American Stallion. Democratic freedom starts small, from ordering a cocktail at a bar to using our voices to stand up for our beliefs; it is not an ideal to take for granted. Spreading that unified desire for worldwide democracy is crucial, and believe it or not, it can begin with the transformation of a popular cocktail.

In addition to the powerful patriotic spirit that comes from ordering an American Stallion, there is also the satisfying feeling of support. Support for more than just global democracy and unity, but also in monetary assistance to an inspiring, productive cause. Fuzzy’s Vodka aims to use the proceeds from sales to help support the American Red Cross following the invasion of Ukraine.

The American Red Cross has been working tirelessly to aid Ukrainian citizens throughout this brutal process. They have distributed more than 30,000 hygiene and food parcels while also helping in the necessary evacuation of Ukrainian citizens with disabilities. The 3,000+ Ukrainian Red Cross staff and selfless volunteers have made assistance their top priority.

There is more than one way to feel good when it comes to sipping a favorite cocktail. A simple yet significant decision to support democracy is an added ingredient to an already delicious drink, and it makes an American Stallion just that much more gratifying to enjoy.

The American Stallion Recipe:
Fill a copper mug with crushed ice
2 ounces Fuzzy’s Vodka
½ ounce fresh lime juice
Top with ginger beer
Garnish with fresh mint and lime wedge

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